I’m Eric Auld.

I believe considered design and digital technology will reshape the way we live our lives and empower everyone with superpowers.

This belief is at the heart of my 15 years experience designing digital products. Working across Digital Strategy, UX and UI Design, I’ve created innovative digital experiences that intersect the three spheres of human desire, business viability and technology feasibility.

I’ve worked in both Europe and Australia for a broad range of companies and clients in industries like media, financial and retail. My experience covers both in-house for corporations as well as consulting for startup clients through to enterprise clients.

I am a collaborator that prefers working with a team of stakeholders, designers and engineers to develop amazing digital products and solutions for customer problems. Using rapid design and prototyping techniques to test assumptions with users, I’ve used design to help teams achieve shorter development cycles and increased product engagement with users.

As the first Creative Director at Bilue, over the past four years I have been responsible for creating and nurturing the company’s design team; shifting the company’s offering from an engineering focus to holistic digital product design and development.

I’ve carefully hired a team of designers that employs our rapid design and prototyping approach. A defined design process helps clients quickly validate their product vision, which then leads into production design as part of agile development teams. This process has been tested and further refined with clients from startups fleshing out an initial product and market ideas; to large retailers and financial institutions needing to improve the quality and speed of digital product development to stand out in competitive markets.

I believe using the Design Thinking process is key to achieving project team alignment, solving customer problems and achieving business goals. Facilitated collaborative workshops are an effective, fun and fast process at the heart of developing successful digital products.

Get in touch with me if you would like to work together, talk about the future of digital in the physical world or just say hello.

You can also find me in all the usual places like LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium and Instagram.

I hope that you have a great day! 👍